Chart.js Project Status Update

I’ve been working on Chart.js for a few months now and my experience has been excellent so far with almost completing now my fourth bug fix for the project. I have recently made a pull request to fix a bug where too many data points are being hovered by the tooltip in certain states. Example: chartJS

I’ll go into more detail about how I approached and began fixing this issue in my Release 0.3 post which will be coming later this week. Overall I enjoyed working with this bug and can’t wait to get some feedback which brings me to my main point of this post…correspondence. I currently have two PRs in for Chart.js, one which fixes the tooltip showing off screen for certain graphs and now my most recent one fixing the tooltip highlighting too many points on the graph.


With the image shown above, I can’t help but wonder what state the projects in and if we’re in a state where development is coming to a halt or if this is a temporary break taken by the maintainers who possibly have other issues or projects to tend to. While I was browsing the other PRs made by other contributors they seem to have some good quality to them however they require a review to see if they can be correctly merged or not. Chart.js, in my opinion, is not completely done with development and free from errors, I feel there is a lot that has to still be done which is clearly shown with the four hundred and eight open issues that range from bugs, enhancements, test cases, and questions. Though I’m not 100% sure because each open source project is different I’m leaning towards the cause of so much pull requests being abandoned is due to the fact that there aren’t enough maintainers to handle a project at this scale. Right now there are seven maintainers and only two of which that I’ve actively seen comment and review pull requests. The two maintainers I have interacted and collaborated with both have their own personal jobs in different parts of the world which could make it hard to tend to a project that doesn’t pay or have too much incentive to excel in other than the ideology that open source provides to the software and tech community.

In the meantime, while I wait for a review and possible merge of my current pull requests I will still continue to work on a couple more bugs as a part of Chart.js because I feel like this is just a temporary lull for the project rather than a permanent downturn in productivity.


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