Finding Exciting New Open Source Projects February 2018

Since my ideas of Open Source didn’t align with the previous project I was coding for I decided to begin yet another search for an exciting new project to join. I already had a fair bit of knowledge about HTML5 canvas from the previous project and decided to find something new where I could transfer my existing knowledge. Thankfully GitHub has an explore option where you can search for a specific project depending on language, category, etc. It didn’t take me long to come across a project called Chart.js which can generate a graphical chart using the HTML5 canvas element and JavaScript. chartjs-tutsplusThe beauty of Chart.js is it can be used to generate charts and graphs dynamically meaning if you have a database full of statistics or other meaningful data you can query that table data to populate and generate multiple charts at once which could prove to be very useful instead of hard coding all the data into a graph. The project is also very popular because of this making the implementation of graphs into a project very simple and intuitive.




To get involved with the project I took a look at the issue list and scanned for some good starter bugs to give me a good intro on how the code and application works. I came across a bug that had to do with label array alignment. The main issue here was that if there was an array of labels the first one would center with the bar, however, the preceding labels in the array would just be printed beneath it and wouldn’t be centered with bar. There was a fair amount of information provided about the issue and even a JSFiddle demonstrating it. One of the maintainers also commented where the fix would potentially be in the code which gave me an excellent idea of where to start with the bug. Thankfully with all the information provided was able to code and test for fixes within an hour as for other projects it often takes a couple hours of code reading to figure out where everything is. I hope to have this bug fixed and merged in the near future and will write a separate post outlining the fix and process.

Overall I’m very excited to get my first pull request in for Chart.js and will be picking for interesting bugs in the near future.



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